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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

Halloween is here! Trick or treat?!

Since today is actually Halloween – I’m going to double up my video cuts today.  First up, a band that has Halloween written all over them.  Well, at least they are within one letter of it.  It’s Helloween!

Helloween |MTV Music

Next up.. what’s a heavy metal medley without some Iron Maiden?  This one goes out to Henry in room 667.  He’s the neighbor of the beast.

Iron Maiden |MTV Music

Happy Halloween from everyone at the T3sk3y compound!

Halloween Video of the Day, Thursday edition

Y’know – nothing says Halloween and METAL more than the 5’2″ dwarf with the leather lungs.  By the way – he’s the man responsible for the ‘horns’ in the first place!

Oh.. what are the horns?  My good friend Hilary will be happy to demonstrate:

Throwin the horns

Throwin' the horns

Today’s video of the day?  DIO!

Dio |MTV Music

Halloween is coming!

MTV did a bad thing this week…

They put every video in their collection online at MTV Music – for free.  As put it.. “Bye Bye Productivity”!

In recognition of Halloween coming on Friday, I’m going to give you a quick glimpse into what was rockin’ my Sony Discman during my college years.  The astute will be able to reverse engineer the timeframe by the musical selections.

Oh – a quick warning.  I was really into speed metal at the time.  I can’t promise all – or perhaps any – of these tracks are for the faint at heart or easily offended.  You have been warned.

All right.. for the first track, get ready to ‘throw the horns’ – it’s Slayer.

Slayer |MTV Music

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