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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

30 days – April 9th

In the midnight hour babe – she cried “More More More!”.. with a Rebel Yell, she cried “More More More!”

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For those lost on the lyrical reference above, today’s perfectly manicured faux-bedhead: William Idol!. Ever notice how perfectly groomed those punkers could be?

30 days – April 8th

I finally remembered to take the ‘just out of bed’ picture today. It’s not the most exciting, but it’s legit!

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30 days – April 7th

Yeah, I know – post shower, again. This daylight savings thing is killing me!

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I almost forgot…

I couldn’t go another day without another great celebrity bedhead. This gentlemen not only cultivates, he exudes the look. When it grows up, my bedhead hopes to look just like this guy. Well, minus the heavy drinking and drug use. Hats off to: Gary Busey!

30 days – April 6th

It’s day two of guest bedhead week – today’s guest is that famous Motley Crue guitar player and the funniest looking human on the planet – Mick Mars!
Yep – forgot to take this before the shower again. It was a very early morning!

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Fast forward 15 years…

If you didn’t think that Mick Mars looks that odd (for an 80’s rocker, at least) in the above picture – it is important to see what he looks like today:

Now if that isn’t odd, I don’t know what is..

30 days – April 5th

For today’s celebrity bonus bedhead, the one and only KEITH RICHARDS!
Today, the bedhead is performance enhanced! I actually forgot to take the picture until I got out of the shower. Therefore, it’s Dep-enhanced.

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30 days – April 4th

For days – you know what’s in store: “April 4!”. There’s some good all-over fuzz for a Sunday AM.

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30 days – April 3rd

Here we go again! “April 3rd”. There’s a great “Rockabilly” tuft at the top.
Okay.. just for a special Saturday treat – the side view of this masterpiece.

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30 days – April 2nd

On to day two – without further adieu, “April 2!”. Now we are seeing some good action – excellent loft on top!

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30 days – April 1st

As promised.. the first installment of “30 Days of Bedhead” – I now proudly present, “April 1st”. It’s sort of a run-of-the mill bedhead – nice point on top, though.

See all pictures at: 30 Days of Bedhead

I feel pretty.

I started a new bit of photo-journalism this morning – I’m calling it “30 Days of Bedhead – Follicles Gone Wild”. Here’s how it’s going to work: I’m going to take a self-portrait every morning in April documenting the unbelievable entanglement that is my morning hairdo. Each day, I’ll post the picture from the day before. At the end of the month, I’m making a collage out of it. Call it strange, call it performance art, call it whatever – it’ll be sort of amusing. My end goal is something frameable. Yes, I know today was March 31st – I wanted to post the first one on April 1.

For those that have seen me fresh out of bed in the morning – you’ll get where I’m going with it. Somebody sneaks in at night and beats the hell out of me, every night. While they are at it, my hairdo undergoes a transformation that could best be described as “Getting a Swirlie”. It’s not uncommon to have 3″ irregular tufts sticking up all over.

It should be entertaining – for me, at least. Watch this space tomorrow for the April Fools Bedhead Installment.

PS: Kermit – not that kind of bedhead

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