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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

The Value of Focus

This is post #400. † It’s amazing looking back that the Defenestrator made it this far. †Whether it makes it beyond post #400 remains to be seen.

I’m going to talk for a bit about the value of focus. †Since the start of the Defenestrator, the focus has been simple – whatever is interesting to me. †The only forbidden topic is politics – which isn’t interesting to me. †Major exemptions were granted for elections and tax days, but that’s it.

The problem is that it was always kind of easy to find topics since there was no focus. †The downside is that it was sort of everything to some people – and nothing to most people. †My photography friends don’t care about pinball. †My pinball friends don’t care about my travel adventures. †My family doesn’t care about either photography or pinball. †Well, they do – but not enough to go to my blog every day. †When you know nobody’s reading – it’s tough to stay motivated to post!

Back in November I decided to focus. †I launched a new blog over at to be tightly focused on being a photo blog. †The idea is simple – one photo per day, every day. †This gave me the opportunity to showcase my favorite pictures and tell a little story about them. † That way, people that are interested in that topic will continue to find interesting stuff every day.

The results?¬† Three months in, I’ve found it to be really rewarding. †I’ve had a nice boost in hits due to cross promotion on Facebook and Twitter¬† And – in the thing that means the most – I’ve had more nice comments from people in three months than I got in five years of the Defenestrator. †It’s also challenging me to create content – one picture per day eats up your good stuff really fast!

So, what now for the Defenestrator? †I’m certainly going to keep the lights on. †It’s minimal effort to keep things running. †Honestly, it’ll probably continue to be a little more sporadic in that I’ll only create content when something blogworthy happens. †I just don’t have time to blog for blogging’s sake. †I’ll still probably post travelogues since that serves as a great way to capture memories for the future. †I’ll also probably continue to show off pinball things since that’s a big chunk of what I do. †I suspect though it’ll never be as rewarding as the focused effort I’ve got going at T3 Imagery.

So – if you lose your way – focus!

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