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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

Only four more days of Hell left

Since we’re talking about Hell on Halloween..

I’m going to briefly break ranks on my pledge to never talk about politics except on April 15th.  Since apparently the frontrunners are allowed to go back on pledges, I’m going to do the same and utter one short statement.


Yep, one month.  That’s it.  If you can’t get your message out in a month – you either don’t really believe in it or you aren’t persuasive enough to win anyway.

Who the heck has been running the country for the past fourteen months, anyway?

Rant off.

Halloween is here! Trick or treat?!

Since today is actually Halloween – I’m going to double up my video cuts today.  First up, a band that has Halloween written all over them.  Well, at least they are within one letter of it.  It’s Helloween!

Helloween |MTV Music

Next up.. what’s a heavy metal medley without some Iron Maiden?  This one goes out to Henry in room 667.  He’s the neighbor of the beast.

Iron Maiden |MTV Music

Happy Halloween from everyone at the T3sk3y compound!

Halloween Video of the Day, Thursday edition

Y’know – nothing says Halloween and METAL more than the 5’2″ dwarf with the leather lungs.  By the way – he’s the man responsible for the ‘horns’ in the first place!

Oh.. what are the horns?  My good friend Hilary will be happy to demonstrate:

Throwin the horns

Throwin' the horns

Today’s video of the day?  DIO!

Dio |MTV Music

Halloween is coming!

MTV did a bad thing this week…

They put every video in their collection online at MTV Music – for free.  As put it.. “Bye Bye Productivity”!

In recognition of Halloween coming on Friday, I’m going to give you a quick glimpse into what was rockin’ my Sony Discman during my college years.  The astute will be able to reverse engineer the timeframe by the musical selections.

Oh – a quick warning.  I was really into speed metal at the time.  I can’t promise all – or perhaps any – of these tracks are for the faint at heart or easily offended.  You have been warned.

All right.. for the first track, get ready to ‘throw the horns’ – it’s Slayer.

Slayer |MTV Music

One last pair of teasers – and an explanation

Dan and Jacqie

Dan and Jacqie

Wow, it takes a long time to sift through 800+ images.  Last weekend, I had the blessing to attend my sister’s wedding in La Jolla, California.  I had a new role this time – a wedding photographer.  My sister Jacqie hired an actual pro to shoot the wedding – and she managed to get me signed on as her 2nd shooter.  My “job” was to shadow Lisa (the photographer) and get shots from different angles / styles / etc.

Upon this rock

Upon this rock

This will be my last teaser post until I have them ready to go.  Since there are about 500 that survived the 1st cut – it may be a while.  I’d like to send a big thanks to Lisa and JLee for letting me tag along with them on Saturday.  I’ve added the links to the two incredible artists (Elle G Photography and JLee Imagery) to my photography link list on the right.

Because I know everyone is going to be checking..

.. I’m going to give up just one teaser:

The Bride

The Bride

Whitewater Restoration – Part 73

I’m quite sure there hasn’t been 72 other updates to this saga, but there should have been.

For those not following along, I’ve been restoring a Williams Whitewater pinball machine for months.  I started tearing it apart in February and spent the spring restoring and rebuilding the playfield.  I spent the summer months restoring and redecaling the cabinet.  During the fall, I’ve been reassembling.

I could go faster – but with a new addition to the family midway through the restoration – whaddya gonna do?

I made a major push forward over the past couple of weeks and am finally within sight of the end.  Over the weekend, I put it back on its legs, reattached the head, reinstalled the topper, and started restoring the lightboard behind the translite.

I’m down to three major tasks:

  • Reinstall the playfield
  • Reassemble the lightboard
  • Clean and reassemble the Speaker/Display panel

I think that with some luck, I’m within a week of completion.

Here’s how it looks as of yesterday – Sunday, the 19th of October:

Back on its feet again

Back on its feet again

For gruesome restoration detail.. here are the rest of my pictures: Whitewater Restoration

Fall Photo Walk

Peaceful Backwaters

Peaceful Backwaters

Last Friday, a group of co-workers and I went for a photo walk along the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis over our lunch break.  We only work a few blocks from the river, so it’s a short hike to get there.  It was an interesting collection of Canons & Nikons – and one guy going “old skool” with a medium format Mamiya.

Here is another of my favorite shots from the walk:

Becky Sue hard at work

Becky Sue hard at work

Here are the rest of the images over at my SmugMug site: Fall Photo Walk

Back from Maui!

We recently returned from another trip – this time, the T3sk3ys went to Maui for Cameron Nelson’s wedding during the last week of September.  I’ll have more information and some tales from our trip coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Until then – here’s a photo that I took from the Keanae Peninsula on the road to Hana right at dawn.


Hana Sunrise

Hana Sunrise

For those that can’t wait – all my pictures are located on my SmugMug site:  Mark’s Smugmug Site

The Big Picture

I love sites that don’t care if somebody downloads their high resolution pictures.  Seeing an image bigger than 320×240 on the web is such a cool treat.  My favorite two sites to see great high resolution pictures are and The Boston Globe’s “The Big Picture.  

Their focus couldn’t really be different – The Big Picture concentrates on current photoessays, and Shorpy bills itself as “The 100-year-old photo site”.

Shorpy is neat because they show you a slice of life from the prior couple of centuries – scanned and posted on the web.  It’s amazing to me how clear the photos are considering the original was on glass plates or something equally ancient.

Here are the links for your enjoyment.  Both sites are updated frequently.

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