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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

T3sk3y Studios is now open for business

With the arrival of a package from last week, T3sk3y Studios is officially open.  My next great photographic adventure is to try a little DIY studio photography.  Besides being a fun hobby – with two kids, it ought to be a money saver vs. paying for photos of each kid.

My setup includes:

Okay, the wireless triggers are a luxury – but they are a great addition.  Add a receiver to each light, pop the transmitter in the hotshoe, and presto!  Everything fires.

Adding the light meter makes it just about automagic.  To get the right exposure – you take a reading right underneath your subject’s chin by clicking the light meter and hitting the test fire button on the transmitter.  Then, it’s just a matter of entering the exposure and aperture into the camera in Manual mode and firing away.

How’d everything turn out?  Mostly great.  Check it out!


Elizabeths first photo sitting at T3sk3y Studios

Elizabeth's first photo sitting at T3sk3y Studios

 It wasn’t all perfect.. I had the umbrellas a little too close and in reflector rather than shoot-through mode.  This gave me funky umbrella-shaped specular highlights on her eyeballs (which I edited on the above picture).

So.. anybody want family pictures taken?


  1. Debbie
    September 9th, 2008 | 11:57 am

    Consider yourself booked for a photo shoot with baby Jacob or Chloe when you are down here in January. Maybe it will be the birth announcement?

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