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Four days in Iowa

So Mark.. how did YOU spend your summer vacation?

Well – I spent the end of my July the same way I’ve spent the three before it.  That would be eating pork, looking at cornfields, and biking across Iowa.  What I’m trying to say is that I just got back from RAGBRAI – the Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.  It’s seven days long – but I only did the last four.  It still turned out to be about 275 miles of biking in four days – and that should be enough for anyone.

The 75-mile long pelaton

The 75-mile long pelaton

The usual zaniness of crazy costumes, beer tents, ‘stereo trailers’, and gastronomic delights was in full force.  I’d equate it to Sturgis, the State Fair, and the Tour de France all rolled into one.

I dont know who they are - but they are the kings of RAGBRAI in my book!

I don't know who they are - but they are the kings of RAGBRAI in my book!

I’ve been preparing for several months now – you can’t just hop on and ride that many miles cold.  Well, I can’t at least.  It’s a good thing I prepared, too – the route was the toughest I’ve seen.  Each day had more climbing than I did in all of RAGBRAI 2007.  To add to the fun, there were strong headwinds and rain on a couple of the days.  It made for a real grind sometimes.

Like last year, I rode with Team Balance Fitness – a local bike club that I belong to.  There were 45 in our group – almost double the size of last year.

In the end, I made it to the Mississippi River at about 11:30 AM on Saturday morning.  I dipped my wheel into the water with several thousand others, and loaded up for a long ride home.

Team Balance Fitness finishes RAGBRAI

Team Balance Fitness finishes RAGBRAI

Until next year – all of my (and all of the team’s) pictures are right here: RAGBRAI 2008

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