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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

Whitewater Restoration – Slowly but Surely!

One nice side benefit of having a new child arrive twelve days late is that you have lots of time to sit around and wait.  I was able to make use of some of that time to get some work done on my Whitewater restoration.

My latest project is the restoration of the upper playfield.  Like the rest of the machine – it was pretty dirty and needed a lot of work.  All ramps needed to be replaced, lots of metal parts needed polishing and regraining, and Bigfoot needed some TLC including a bath and some fur regluing.

The underside of the upper playfield

Once everything was off the playfield, it required a good sanding (of the backside) and a good polishing (of the front)

Lots of magic black dust on the backside

That’s better!

Reassembly is going pretty slowly – so far, I’ve got all the lamps on the backside, all the ball guides regrained and some reattached, and the upper flipper rebuilt.  I’ve also got Bigfoot back in place after a bath, lots of hot glue, and some stiching.

Bigfoot is back!

My next project is to build up all of my new Pinball Inc. reproduction ramps.  This will require moving all hardware from the old ramps to the new ramps, moving the decals to the new ramps, and adjusting everything to fit.  The new ramps are almost twice as thick as the old ones – and they don’t always fit.

The new Suicide Canyon ramp from Pinball, Inc.

I also acquired a new set of clear plastics from Orbit Pinball – I’ve got to get some riveting done on the indicator sign before I can mount that.

You can see the rest of my restoration pictures at Smugmug: (link)

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