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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

Miscellaneous Raves – May ’08

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a raves posting.. so here are ten things that I’ve run across recently that ROCK (in my opinion):

1) The BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth headset.  I’ve been through a few headsets.. this one WORKS.  It pairs well, it has good audio quality, and the noise reduction does a good job at filtering out road noise.  It’s really tiny, too – I have to be careful to not put it in a pants pocket and run it through the wash.

2) Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites.  I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for some reality TV – and the season of Survivor that wrapped up last night was one of my favorites yet.  I sure didn’t predict the winner – but I guess I can’t argue with Parvati’s game.  It’s just unfortunate that a couple of my favorites went out early due to injury or treachery (Penner, James, & Ozzy)

3) Good stylii.  I lose about one stylus a month for my phone – so I buy them frequently.  I got stuck with some really crappy ones after my Washington trip and it was hell during the four days it took to lose or break all three.  They really sucked due to bad build (tips fell off, one broke in half) and not fitting – a single flick would send them flying.  I now have good ones with built in pens.

4) The Skyfire mobile browser.  If you’ve EVER tried to use a sports site like or any other big complex page from a mobile browser, you’ll understand this one.  Skyfire preloads the page on the server, then sends a low-res picture to the mobile.  When you zoom, it sends just the chunk you are looking at.  It’s still in closed beta – but it looks promising!

5) Classic Playfield Reproductions and Pinball, Inc. Without these two making playfields, plastics, backglasses, and ramps – restoration would be a lot tougher!

6) Theories that I figured out years ago.   I’ve always said it would rot to be an activist because you walk around torqued off about something all the time.  That’s a bad way to go through life.  Somebody else agrees with me: The Economist

7) Lemonheads.  Yum.

8) Adobe Lightroom.  I resisted initially – I’m now a believer.  It’s the shiznit for organizing, managing, and preparing digital photos.

9) The Spring Biking Class at Balance Fitness: I got a six week riding class at Balance Fitness from my wife for my birthday.  No, it’s not spinning.  It’s actually on bikes on trainers indoors.  All I can say is that worked hard enough to nearly vomit six weeks in a row – then I set a personal record (PR) my first ride home from work.  For those interested – 26 miles in 1:24:00.  That’s a full minute faster than my best time.

10) Herald of Leshrac: Stealing land, flying, and growing?  Sign me up!

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