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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

Whitewater Restoration – 50% done, 90% left to go.

Nowhere is this more true than in pinball restoration. Even when you’ve got some of the ‘big ticket’ items done – there is still an amazing amount of work left to complete.

I hit a big milestone last week in my Whitewater restoration project – I finished the lower playfield. I ended up backtracking a little because I received some sorely needed replacement parts from the guru of Pinfooties – Bryan Kelly. I had to remove the disaster drop ramp to replace a JB Weld’ed ball guide – and I had to remove the apron to replace an epoxied ball trough.

The lower playfield restored and reassembled

For most machines, this would be the 50% completion point – and the rest would be cabinet work. On Whitewater, there is an upper playfield that is densely encrusted with ramps, gates, wireforms, and a furry bigfoot guy. This will be a sizable project by itself. I’ve been cleaning my workbench area in preparation for stripping and rebuilding the upper playfield and I should be ready to attack it very soon.

I had planned on pulling the lower playfield off the rotisserie and putting it in storage while I worked on the upper playfield – but I decided to mount the upper playfield and build around it when the time comes. The risk of breaking $100 ramps is too great when you are working on the entire upper as a unit. This will make the restoration a little tougher but a lot safer.

Here are a couple more beauty shots showing off the lower playfield in its restored goodness:

The pop bumper area showing lots of new parts

The Lost Mine area showing new mountains and targets

The Disaster Drop area normally located underneath the upper playfield

The rest of the restoration pictures are located here: (link)

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