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Italy 2007 – The Journey Home

The last day of the trip started early when our limo to the airport showed up.  The driver arrived with a sedan – and he looked a little panicked when he saw three adults, one child, and LOTS of baggage.  He somehow got everything in and we were off to the airport.

Once checked in, we got one last round of panini sandwiches and cafe’ at the airport.  The late morning journey home turned out to be perfect for William – he fell asleep the second the wheels left the ground.  He didn’t awken again until the plane was on final descent into Amsterdam.

We had a couple of hours to kill in Schipol Airport, so we grabbed a sandwich for lunch.  We also ducked in to the gift shop and picked up some of the essentials – gouda cheese and waffles.  As we were waiting to board our plane, we saw a pretty unusual sight.  A KLM pilot was retiring and completing his last flight – so the crews doused his plane as he pulled in to the gate.   All of the gate personnel stopped what they were doing and applauded the pilot.

A retiring pilot pulling in to the gate in Schipol

After taking off for Minneapolis, we had our dinner and William curled up for most of the rest of the flight.  We were able to arrange the entire bulkhead again – so we had lots of room for him to spread out and run around a little.  He finally woke up about an hour out of Minneapolis.  Of the nine hours of flying, William slept for 7 of them.  That was a blessing – but it wasn’t as much of a blessing when he woke up at 3 AM back home and was ready for breakfast.

The way William spent the flight home 

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