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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

Whitewater Restoration – All hail the washtub

I’m really glad we put a washtub in the basement when we built our house – even though the washer / dryer is on the ground floor. It gets used a lot in an average pinball restoration – and this is no average restoration. I’ve spent a lot of time hunkered over the basin scrubbing the gunk off of parts over the past week.

I spent last weekend replacing the lighting harness on the back of the playfield. This wouldn’t have taken very long, except that I’m replacing every single light socket due to corrosion. That’s a lot of soldering. It’s all back in place now and screwed down – and I think everything is in the right place.

I also had to clean all the big lighting circuit boards from the backside of the playfield. They went in to the laundry tub with dish soap and hot water – I don’t know what kind, some organic lemon brand my wife bought. Thank goodness it’s organic. Once dry, these boards were reinstalled and hooked back up again – with a full set of brand new #555 bulbs.

The lighting harness and light matrix boards are reinstalled

The next task was to clean. scrub, and polish all the mechanical things under the playfield. After spending about two hours with the lost mine kicker bracket removing corrosion, I decided to box all the parts up to bring over to Jesse’s. See, Jesse has a bead blaster. This will save me a lot of time.

While I’m waiting to go to Jesse’s, I started doing a little work on the topside. I replaced the pop bumpers with all new parts and I started re-graining ball guides. I was able to get a couple guides done tonight while I waited for my coils to soak. I had put all of the solenoid coils in the tub to soak for a couple of hours to remove the grit.

New pop bumpers and a freshly re-grained rear orbit guide

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Jesse’s to bead blast my grungy weldments. I’m anxious to see how they turn out.

Check out many more pictures over at SmugMug: (link)

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