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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

Whitewater Restoration Begins!

I purchased my Williams Whitewater pinball machine back in November, 2006 from Chad Keller at Pinball Expo. When I bought it, it was in decent unrestored but working shape. Since it arrived at my house, I’ve only done the bare minimum to get it working acceptably. Over the past year and a half, I’ve worked to acquire all the parts to rebuild it and restore it.

I finally got a chance to start on the restoration last weekend. This one is going to be the biggest project to date – because I’m doing a much more extreme restoration. Previous restorations have involved simply rebuilding the playfield. This time, the entire cabinet is getting redone with new decals and I’m going to do the backside of the playfield as well.

I’ll try to keep some progress photos online to follow along. Here’s the first picture – it’s the inside of the head after disconnecting the wiring harnesses to the playfield.

Look ma – no wires!

The second photo is of the lower playfield mounted in the rotisserie prior to removing parts:


Whitewater lower playfield

Thus far, I’ve removed the upper playfield, disconnected all the wiring from the backbox, and pulled out the lower playfield. The next step will be to start stripping the playfield to clean and replace parts.

My photos of the process are over at my SmugMug account: link

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