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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

New additions to the CHAska Pinball Shrine (CHAPS)

It’s been a great end of the year for my pinball addiction hobby.  In October, I managed to acquire a pair of 1988 Williams Cyclones (or the CyCLONES as I jokingly call them).  Cyclone was a game from my past – the Bowling Alley in Waseca had one.  I spent many a night when I was home from college for the summer feeding quarters into that Cyclone.  It’s always been a goal to own one.  Well, I found two – rescued from campgrounds in Southern Minnesota.  I found them dirty and broken – and I’ve now restored one to rights.

Williams Cyclone 

This week, I ran across something even better – a 1988 Williams Banzai Run.  They made almost 10,000 Cyclones – but they made only just over a thousand Banzai Runs.  It’s a must-have for any pinball collector.  It’s an amazingly unique game – two playfields, one vertical.

Williams Banzai Run

On the downside, I said farewell to a couple of old friends – my Black Knight 2000 in October and my Funhouse in December.  Both went to good homes – and I’ve got visitation rights if I need a fix.

Stop on by if you want to give ’em a whirl!

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