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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

Daddy wants.

Wow, I want one of these.  $600 for a point-n-shoot is a little much, but wow.

Ricoh Caplio GX100

The specs are over at Gizmodo: Link

Miscellaneous Raves – March ’07 Edition

After about a month of nearly non-stop travel with stops in Orlando, Tampa, Dallas, Seattle, and Whistler – I’m finally home for a little bit of time. In the midst of all that travel, I’ve had the chance to enjoy a few things along the way. Here is a collection (in no particular order) of some of my recent favorite things..

1) Survivor – Fiji

Yes, I’ve got lowbrow tastes in entertainment. I’m amazed how after fourteen seasons they have avoided ‘jumping the shark’. It’s an interesting study in human sociology – and this season is investigating the haves vs. the have-nots. BTW: I’m about two episodes behind – so DON’T RUIN IT FOR ME!

2) Evanescence

Sort of “Poe crossed with Nine Inch Nails”, but not. Anyway – Amy Lee can sing her brains out. I picked up “Anywhere but Here” – their live concert recently – kudos to them for including a DVD of the show for free!

3) Pinball Webcasts & Podcasts

There are currently two out there – TOPCast and Talk Pinball. TOPCast – led by Shaggy (aka Clay Harrell) is the more tech-heavy, Talk Pinball – led by our own local Lloyd Olsen – is less frequent but still good. Both are chock full of technical tips and interviews with industry insiders. Just like how you have to drink beer while homebrewing – you have to listen to these while restoring pinball machines.

4) PPC Geeks custom HTC Apache ROMs

I wrote about the necessity to hack this device in a prior post (Link). Now, enterprising hackers at PPC Geeks have taken it a step further and have made roll-your-own firmware images for this smartphone that include newer software as well as lots of hacks and speedups. More on this soon…

5) Kokanee Beer


It’s “The Beer Up Here” for British Columbia – and it’s manditory fare for skiing at Whistler. Yum.

5) Company of Heroes

When the business manager of EA Sports tells you over dinner that this is the game that he plays all the time – you listen to the guy. It’s a WWII themed real-time strategy (RTS) game that uses the 3D accelerator to allow you to zoom and move around the action at will. The graphics are spectacular, the game is deep, and the world is realistic – and destrucable. Your squads will seek cover in newly made artillery craters or behind buildings you just shelled.

Pictures from Debbie and Peter’s wedding

While all of Minnesota was getting 15-20 inches of snow last week, I was broiling in 85 degree heat in Orlando at Peter and Debbie’s wedding. Though I would have preferred the snow – it was a lovely wedding.

I’ve got pictures up on my website at: Link

The Teskeys and the Warrens

Welcome Back..

Welcome back, Old Man Winter.. I missed you.

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