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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

Where’s Marco?

Sorry for the lack of content recently.. it’s been a “Where’s Waldo” existence for Mark lately.. so, here’s a quick update on my recent life..

Sonoma, new project at work, Chicago, golfing, Fargo, Bilstad/Doering wedding, Elektra, RebelXT, Seattle, deck staining.

Yeah, not much time to update the Defenestrator. It gets better! This weekend, it’s my Grandpa’s 90th birthday and I’ve got a bunch of family in town. I also will be videographering (yeah, it’s a word – sez me) a wedding on Saturday. Then, it’s 3 days and we’re off to the Boundary Waters.

I hope all’s well in your world, too..

Best. Month. Ever.

August was a banner month for The Defenestrator – 22,445 hits! Yeah, that’s not much compared to a REAL site, but it was more than double the previous record of 9,892. Is this news? Nah..

Thanks for reading!

Best of Craigslist

This sent to me by my sister from Craigslist. It’s a collection of the best postings from Craigslist. According to the disclaimer:

  • postings are nominated by craigslist readers, and are not necessarily endorsed by craigslist staff.
  • postings may be explicitly sexual, scatalogical, offensive, graphic, tasteless, and/or not funny
  • if you see copyrighted material not original to craigslist, please let us know and we’ll remove it.
  • if you are under age 18, please use your “back” button and seek parental guidance
  • by continuing you acknowledge being 18 or older and release craigslist from any liability arising from your use of best-of-craigslist

With a disclaimer like that.. you *know* it has to be good!

craigslist > Best of Craigslist

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