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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

Gamers Manifesto

This linked from Eurowonka’s blog.. it’s a Gamers’ Manifesto that is dead on the money. Here’s a snip:

1. Give us A.I. that will actually outsmart us now and then.

Look at the little guy. The one on the left. The one who’s just a head.

I mean, let’s face it: strategy is all that guy’s got going for him. He has no limbs and he’s already on fire.

It’s a great read if you are into PC and console video gaming – the writer pretty much nails why I haven’t purchased a new game in a very long time – I think Battlefield: Vietnam was the last one two years ago. Oh, and it had dumb AI.

Gamers’ Manifesto

Welcome aboard..

Welcome aboard, Mystic Grizzly:


Deck Construction Day 4 – Waterproof!

Lions, and Tigers, and Soffets – oh my!

As of Thursday afternoon, the soffets and fascia are complete – along with all shingles and roof vents. We should be pretty watertight – which is good since it’s raining on Friday morning and the electrical work was complete on Wednesday. It’s not hot yet, though. It also appears that the siding was ‘finished’ off around the house.

A complete gallery of photos is located at:
Deck Construction Photos

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