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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

Need a brainbuster?

If you need some good mental stimulation – check out the movie Primer. It’s a -very- low budget sci-fi movie about time travel that was made for only $7000. Oh – by the way, it won an award at Sundance. It’s one of those movies like Memento or the Matrix – you really need to sit and discuss it afterwards to connect all the dots on what happened.

I’m not sure that your local video store will have it – but Netflix does. Others will too, I’m sure.

Highly recommended!

Where to play?

For those in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, there’s a great web page to help feed your pinball addiction. It’s the pinball finder database, and it lists (and cross-references) which machines are at which locations around town. So, next time you are stuck in Blaine (God forbid) – you can ease the pain with a little Simpson’s Pinball Party at your local bowling alley.

Now, having said that – I really need to find my way to the north side to either the John Rose Oval or the Spring Lake Park amusement center to play a little Funhouse!

Twin Cities Pinball Database

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