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Formula Dé Circuit – Round 2 – Monaco

The second race of the 2005 Formula Dé circuit took place only a short time after the exciting race at Zandevoort. The teams traveled to the Principality of Monaco and prepared to race under ideal conditions.

The pole position was held by Jonesy of Team BlueStreak, followed by the two cars from Team America (F’ck YEAH!), The first car for Team India (formerly known as Rothman’s Honda) driven by Sunshine, the second BlueStreak car. Bringing up the rear was the 2nd Team India car driven by Flash.

In the third corner, commanding positions were held by Jonesey, Lance Fontaine and Coleman. With blatant disregard for his expensive machine, Sunshine threw his car into a tight spot between Lance and Jonesey. Sunshine’s reactions were a little too slow and his car impacted Lance’s in the turn. Both cars were thrown into the wall by the force of the impact resulting in the destruction of both cars and their subsequent eliminations.

The remaining four cars held their positions until the famed ‘S’ de la Piscene corner. Team America (F’ck YEAH!)’s remaining driver, Coleman, plowed into the corner in 5th gear executing a perfect two stop turn. This vaulted him ahead of Flash and Dougie. A burst of speed by Dougie allowed him to overtake Coleman in the last few squares of the race, giving Team BlueStreak the top two spots on the winner’s podium.

Final standings standings – Race 2 – Monaco

Place Driver Team Owner Points
1st Jonesey BlueStreak Sheard 10
2nd Dougie BlueStreak Sheard 7
3rd Coleman Team America (F’ck YEAH!) Teskey 5
4th Flash Team India Wilken 4
DNF Lance Fontaine Team America (F’ck YEAH!) Teskey 0
DNF Sunshine Team India Wilken 0

Team Standings – After Round 2

Team Points
BlueStreak 26
Team India 15
Team America (F’ck YEAH!) 14

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