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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

I came, I saw, I Acquired.

The Tuesday-night Logic Acquire addicts club turned out to be a great success. Eight showed up: JP, MeghanT, ErikA, Alana, Dan “The Dream” Weaver, CurtB, KyleG and myself.

We randomly drew teams and I ended up at a table with JP, Meghan, and Erik. This had great potential due to the amount of trash talk between JP and Meghan during the day.

It was one of those games where everything worked out perfectly – I got all the tiles I needed to control key mergers so I could get a steady cashflow the entire game. I was also able to diversify enough that there were very few deals that I wasn’t part of.

The game had a very different ending, also. Normally, the game is done when one hotel has 41 chains and the person laying the 41st tile declares the game done. The other end condition is when all chains have 11 or more tiles. In this case, all chains had 10 or more, so I declared the game “DONE”. This prevented the largest hotel (the Imperial) from ever reaching 41 and thus paying out more bonus. This manuever earned me a “You sonofabitch” from ErikA – since he had controlling interest in the Imperial.

Even though I had no appreciable interest in the largest chain, I had either the controlling or secondary interest in all other chains – and was able to defend my championship.

Final totals from our table:
T3sk3y $50,400
ErikA $45,000
MeghanT $30,500
JP $30,000

Congrats to Alana “The Rookie Canuckie” for winning at the other table on her first attempt.

ErikA’s account of the night can be read at: Anderiv’s Acquire Commentary. Thanks to everyone for a fun night – next time, Citadels!

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