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The T3sk3y Defenestrator

Because it’s cool…

It’s amazing how much privacy we are willing to give up just because something’s nifty. For example, Audioscrobbler.

What is Audioscrobbler? A website that tracks what you listen to on your favorite media player. There are plugins for just about every major player, including iTunes, MusicMatch, WinAmp, etc. It then lists your recent tracks, most popular tracks, most popular artists, and so forth. Based on that data, it calculates your musical neighbors and suggests new music that fits in with your style. This is great because many of the bands that I like aren’t bands that you’d hear on the radio – so how else would you find out about them?

Privacy freaks – nothing to worry about. The plugins that send data are open-source. You can examine and prove that there are no creepy spyware things going on – and all data sent is anonymous. The system has no idea if you are playing a CD, an MP3, OGG, or whatever.

Check it out – and please list me in your network…
Audioscrobbler :: t3sk3y

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